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From Spark Shen <smallsmallor...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][regex|luni] build break
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 08:53:12 GMT
Spark Shen 写道:
> Tim Ellison 写道:
>> So I checked in a patch for HARMONY-688's regex fix, and it passed the
>> regex unit tests, but causes the existing luni tests to fail in
>> java.util.Scanner.  I've not figured out the base cause of the failure
>> so I've backed out the changes.
>> Regards,
>> Tim
> Hi regular expression guys:
> After applying Harmony-688 on my local env. The following test case 
> will fail on Harmony but pass on RI
> public void test_misc() {
> String pattern = "*(\\p{javaDigit})++*";
I need to clarify here:  the pattern is (\\p{javaDigit})++ ,but not 
*(\\p{javaDigit})++*. I change the pattern into bold style, but when 
sent out, they become two asterisks.
> Matcher mat = Pattern.compile(pattern).matcher("123");
> assertTrue(mat.matches());
> }
> Since in Scanner implementation, the pattern "(\\p{javaDigit})++" is 
> heavily utilized to recognize integer numbers, then many of Scanner 
> tests fail.
> Greedy quantifiler here works fine.
But Greedy quantifiler is semantically insufficient, do need to use 
double plus signs.
> Would any regular expression guru look at this issue?
> Best regards

Spark Shen
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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