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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [general] define pre-commit testing configs to gain the stability
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 01:00:42 GMT

Rana Dasgupta wrote:
> On 10/6/06, Pavel Ozhdikhin <pavel.ozhdikhin@gmail.com> wrote:
>> >If we agree on common testing configs we can make sure the Harmony
>> >will be stable on at least this set of configurations. This does not
>> >mean we won't fix problems on other configurations. The goal is to
>> >gain and maintain general stability.
>> >I propose to work out a set of configs the committers will use to
>> >check patches before committing them to SVN. We can start with a few
>> >configs defining the platform, OS familly and the compiler used. When
>> >we are sure the Harmony is stable we can add more configurations. IMO,
>> >it would be reasonable to start with 3 configurations - one
>> >configuration for each supported platform, for example:
>> >- Windows / IA32 / MSVS .NET 2003 / release
>> >- Linux / IA32 / GCC 4.0.3 / release
>> >- Linux / EM64T / GCC 4.0.3 / release
>> We need to check both release and debug builds...the binaries and timing
> characteristics are too different. At this immediate stage of the 
> project, I
> would suggest leaving out EM64T as part of mandatory testing( unless it is
> EM64T specific functionality, eg., codegen ). Too few contributors and
> committers have access to it. We are not yet at a stage where we can make
> this mandatory.

I have a machine now :)  I will be EM64T-ing all the live-long day!

> If possible all submissions should be tested( by submitters ) on all the
> combinations identified . It is actually more urgent for submitters to do
> this. We should stop patches by email.

We don't really accept them.

> Also, at this point, it is an honor
> system, we can't attach 6 before and after test logs to each JIRA
> submission. The committer could randomly check on one or more combination,
> ...the more the better obviously.

  I think that just having a submitter note which platforms have been 
tested is good.  Having others test and note their results is good too.

Best is getting community CI systems set up.  That EM64T system will be 
for that, and I'll have a linux 32 bit machine also doing it.

> In some cases, submissions will be platform specific ( eg., very new code
> like GC V5, platform specific bug fixes or a simple case of developer not
> having all the machines ). I would leave these to the committers'
> discretion.
> Thanks.

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