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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject [classlib][tests] Junit best practice
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 11:27:40 GMT

Earlier in the year we discussed junit best practice.  For example,
making sure assertEquals calls have the expected and actual arguments in
the correct order to avoid getting confusing failure messages.

Robert posted a script a week or so ago, to look for some of junit
issues but it didn't handle asserts that spanned multiple lines so,
unfortunately, it was missing the majority of them.  I had a script that
I'd thrown together one evening that would handle multi-line asserts but
annoyingly (because it read the whole file at once) couldn't report the
line number of the potential issue as Robert's script did.

Inspired by Robert's post, I looked at my script again.  I've now fixed
it to report line numbers, added a little bit of documentation and 
attached it to a JIRA:


It finds quite a lot of potential problems (I've appended a summary of
the findings below).  (There will be a few false positives but hopefully
not too many.)  It would be nice to fix these issues - I fixed several
hundred while testing the script - but more importantly we should make
sure we avoid adding any new issues.

Improvements to the script would be most welcome.


Types of issue identified

    4949 should possibly use assertEquals
     815 actual may be a constant
     437 consider using separate asserts for each '&&' component
     330 exception may be left to junit
     135 actual *may* be a constant
      48 should be fail (always false)
      40 should be fail (always true)
      20 expected is null - should use assertNull
      12 consider using separate asserts for each '||' component
       8 expected is false - should use assertFalse
       7 expected is true - should use assertTrue
       1 should use assertNotNull

Number of Issues by module

    1907 luni
    1440 swing
     699 math
     611 security
     335 text
     322 awt
     222 sound
     186 nio
     178 jndi
     123 archive
     118 auth
     117 crypto
     116 logging
      91 nio_char
      87 print
      74 regex
      68 concurrent
      45 beans
      41 x-net
      21 sql
       1 rmi

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