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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ECJ set as default compiler (WAS: [general] version of gcc and other tools)
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:17:11 GMT
On Tuesday 17 October 2006 02:07 Nathan Beyer wrote:
> I've set the default compiler value to use the ECJ adapter. I've also
> added a check to fail the build (in build-java.xml and
> build-tests.xml) if the ECJ adapter class is missing. The message says
> that the ECJ JAR is missing and to copy it from the depends folder.
> If there are any changes or suggestions for a more elegant Ant
> solution, just let me know and I'll add them.
> Note: The build seemingly takes a bit longer, as ECJ reports a
> significant amount of warnings by default. Personally, these are
> things I believe need to be cleaned up anyway (unused imports, missing
> serialVersionUIDs, etc). I haven't figured out to configure the ECJ
> options via the Ant task yet, so if anyone know, please let the list
> know.
> Mark, Tim, IBM folks,
> This may require an update to the automated builds if Ant isn't setup
> like this yet, sorry.

I want to ask how valid were the errors from Sun javac of 1.5.0_08 version 
which caused some compilation problems? Maybe it makes sense to check with 
Sun compiler once in a while?

Gregory Shimansky, Intel Middleware Products Division

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