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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][depends] missing liblcms +em64t
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 14:44:01 GMT

On 4 October 2006 at 18:26, "Ivan Volosyuk" <ivan.volosyuk@gmail.com> wrote:
> Working on a patch, I've just wanted to check wether it works on em64t.
> It is not that easy as I expected. Yesterday, I have filed
> HARMONY-1676 to have classlib built.
> Today, I have:
> ================
> Missing dependency.  The file from:
>   /usr/lib/liblcms.a
> should be linked to:
>   depends/libs/build/lcms/liblcms.ia32
> But /usr/lib/liblcms.a doesn't exist.
> liblcms development package not installed
> For Debian/Ubuntu try: apt-get install liblcms1-dev
> ================
> First of all, why 'ia32' prefix for em64t build?

What does:

  j9 ant properties|grep arch

give you?  (Aside: I mentioned that these properties might not get set 
correctly for everyone in a note earlier today, but they are easy to
fix with the output from the above generated with a jdk for em64t.)

> Secondly, I'm happy for debian users, but not all of the users use
> debian. Much informative would be to have a URL with the sources where
> I can get the library.

I expected that users of other distributions would be able to also have
packages available for all of these things.  I have asked for details of
the package for other distributions in the past but I assumed everyone
must use Debian since no one provided any details.

Suggesting users build from source should be a last resort.

Personally, I'd like to take this further and use the .so versions of 
the system libraries rather than the static versions.


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