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From "Ivan Volosyuk" <ivan.volos...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][gc] TLS access from GC: a proposal to refactor the code
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 11:48:46 GMT
Well, AFAIU this part of Mikhail's proposal is not mandatory for all
GCs. You can use original interface functions for GCv5: malloc GC TLS
structure and install only one pointer into TLS.

The only thing we need to change is to make GC to access and allocate
its data by itself (for greater modularity).

On 10/25/06, Xiao-Feng Li <xiaofeng.li@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, this can be an optimization.
> I am not very sure if we can get obvious performance improvement with
> this. I am usually conservative with interface change. :-)  Since
> neither Windows nor Linux provides this kind of native support, I am
> guessing they have their rationality.
> We probably want to delay this optimization in TM until we have
> evidance for it, since what Mikhail wants is just to inline GC tls
> data access easily.
> Thanks,
> xiaofeng
> On 10/25/06, Ivan Volosyuk <ivan.volosyuk@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Xiao-Feng, I think there should be no problem to get this to work.
> > But, I also agree with Mikhail that it could be benefitial to have
> > data directly available in TLS without additional pointer dereference.
> > If we will have corresponding interface function to allocate more then
> > one void pointer at once in TLS it can be used as optimization.
> > --
> > Ivan

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