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From Maksim Ananjev <maksim.anan...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][jitrino]getting field descriptor in translator
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 07:19:25 GMT

I'm developing package of multidimensional arrays according to JSR-83
and I want it to be optimized in JIT-compiler. The idea is to eliminate
redundant boundchecks in a sort of way already implemented ABCD
algorithm eliminates redundant boundchecks in one-dimensional arrays.

So I need to implement a special instruction in translator/IRBuilder for
multiarray boundcheck. But there's a problem: I need some field
descriptors of my class "DoubleMultiArray3D" to generate operands for
the instruction (exactly, the capacities of array). There is a method
"resolveField" in CompilationInterface, but it takes index in constant
pool as operand - and I don't know index at that moment. I know just
string name of the field.

I tried the following: to get pointer to struct Class by
"methodGetClass" function of JavaByteCodeTranslator - Struct Class has
pointer to array of fields as member - and then find proper field in
array of fields. But this last "field" pointer turned out to point to
uninitialized memory. 

Such behavior is strange because almost the same code written in
Class.cpp file allows working with fields (the same memory is
initialized in a proper way). Something fatal happens while returning
Class pointer to translator.

I'll appreciate any suggestions on how to get field descriptor in
translator, if I know the name of field and have pointer to Class. 


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