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From Naveen Neelakantam <neela...@uiuc.edu>
Subject [drlvm][jit] possible ABCD bug
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 10:45:17 GMT
I've been reading through the ABCD implementation in jitrino, and if  
I understand it correctly, I found a bug.  I've attached a patch to  
fix it.  Someone who actually understands the code should verify this.

Also, did anyone ever test this ABCD pass?  I ask because I've tried  
running it on a bidirectional bubble sort as mentioned in the  
original paper.  The paper mentions that the pass should be able to  
prove all of the bounds checks in the sort method as redundant/ 
unnecessary.  However, when I try running the abcd pass on a  
bidirectional bubble sort (attached), none of the bounds checks are  


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