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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [classlib][jmx] Options for going forward w/ MX4J
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 14:17:11 GMT
I've been talking with Simone Bordet about how we might bring MX4J  
into Harmony.  I think it's a good code base to build our JMX  
implementation on, as it's well tested and has been used in  
implementations that have been tested with the JMX TCK.  (We can't  
say that MX4J passes, as I don't believe the project has a TCK).   
MX4J has served many people over many years, and it's a shame that  
the addition of JMX into the SE platform has sent this project into  
it's "golden years".

There were a lot of issues discussed, mainly about user support, time  
Simone could commit to help us, etc , and in summary, it boils down  
to this :

Simone has no problem with us doing a "gentle fork" (in his words) of  
the code to build on.  By this, we are simply taking a snapshot of  
the project codebase, and building upon it.   This is not a hostile,  
anti-community act, but simply a recognition that it's useful code  
for us, we want to keep building on the code base, but need to make  
modifications for java SE 5 that are incompatible with the needs of  
the pre-Java 5 users that the MX4J project support.  We are not  
becoming "MX4J", although I'd like to do whatever we can to leave  
that door open - how we can structure the code in SVN so that in the  
future, if Simone has some time and wishes to move his user base over  
here, we can easily welcome that community.

Anyway, that's the long and the short of it.

if people like this, I suggest that we put in "standard" SVN  
repository in the same way we do java.util.concurrent.  Given the  
history of the code, I'm very doubtful we can find full paperwork to  
get into "enhanced".  The difference is that we'd be modifying it  
(although if possible, it would be nice to have a clear boundary  
between the "old mx4j code" and our new enhancements, in the event  
that the mx4j community comes over...)



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