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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [doc] "Quick Start" and FAQ
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 15:57:29 GMT

One of the things I was planning to add to our front-page somewhere  
is the same thing you find when you buy some kind of consumer  
electronics, like a camera - a "quick start" page.
We need two of them - "QuickStart for Harmony Users" and "Quickstart  
for Harmony Contributors", which would be how to get and use the  
snapshot, and how to checkout and build the code, respectively.

For the latter, I was going to advocate that people use the enhanced/ 
trunk approach, as that's a single checkout for them that turns into  
the maintainable classlib and drlvm trees.  I do need to add a target  
or two to the /trunk/build.xml script to allow them to do the follow- 
on checkout w/o having it do the build, but that's easy.

Does anyone have a problem with me advocating this method?  It still  
the standard classlib and DRLVM trees that a person can svn update,  
do diffs, create patches, and if a committer, checkin.  But it places  
them in a very clear and useful on-disk relationship with each other,  
that can then be used for building the snapshot.


This goes w/o saying what we're going to do :)  First question will  
be "How do I add a new FAQ entry?" with a template for the xdoc.  I  
was thinking that this should be hosted on the wiki, but there's  
something really nice about the permanence of the main site.  Maybe  
the last entry on the site will be "Where are tehre more FAQs?" with  
a pointer to a wiki page, and then if people don't want to do patches  
to main page, they can enter them there, and we can harvest easily.


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