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From Armand Navabi <anav...@purdue.edu>
Subject Re: [drlvm] [launcher] Executable hangs
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 05:35:54 GMT
Gregory Shimansky wrote:
> I think not. DRLVM needs its own threading library. The reason is discussed in 
> a separate thread "thread library - let there be one". I am not sure I 
> understand all the reasoning for separate libhythr.so implementation, but I 
> know the drlvm version should be in bin/ and bin/default/ directories.
Ok, I read that thread.  Is there an easy temporary fix to this?
> What is the reason to set breakpoint in jni.cpp:478? It is a condition that if 
> JNI FindClass is called in exception state it shouldn't do anything, just 
> return NULL.
I'm sorry, my line 478 is different than yours, because I have other
prints and things in there.  I was not putting the breakpoint on the
line that checks if it is called in exception state.  Basically, I just
put a print inside of that procedure because I traced the hanging to
that method (or so I thought).  My point was that I am unable to
breakpoints anywhere in jni.cpp.  Below you have explained what problem
that is related to.  And as far as tracing, you have suggested a much
more efficient way to trace where it is going in the code.  Thanks.
>> Make breakpoint pending on future shared library load? (y or [n]) y
>> And then when I run the program it never stops at the breakpoint, though I
>> see the print I have inserted in the code.  Secondly, and more importantly,
>> if I try to do anything interesting, like run helloworld, gdb seems to lose
>> a thread and then hang (says it Cannot find a thread.  Invalid thread
>> handle).  I have to then stop it and go kill it.
> The solution for this was found and discussed in thread "APR fails to load a 
> JIT library when using a fully qualified path". The launcher execs itself 
> with a new environment setting for LD_LIBRARY_PATH and gdb cannot work around 
> this.
I reread those threads and it seems some changes were suggested.  Have
these changes been made.  I couldn't see (or perhaps couldn't figure
out) any way to quickly fix this from the discussions.  It seemed as
though people were suggesting moving and merging libraries.  If it has
been fixed, I should have it because I have recently updated.
> I have a proposal for you. Run "java -Xthread -Xtrace Hello" for hello world 
> application. The -Xtrace option will produce a lot of output but it will 
> enable all debugging tracing in drlvm and when it hangs for you it will be a 
> very close location to the reason of the problem. If there is no output 
> with -Xtrace, then it probably means launcher problems. Please update the 
> sources, some launcher problems were resolved just recently
I updated all the classlib and drlvm code earlier today.  Just to make
sure we are talking about the same thing here, I have compiled
helloworld.java separately with Sun's compiler and then I made sure it
ran (it runs both with Sun's java and the classlib with IBM's VM), and
then I moved it to the drlvm's bin directory. 

There is no particular Hello application you are talking about correct? 
The application I am running was a java program I wrote myself and compiled.

And then I tried to run my hello world application as you said.  Like
you said it produced a lot of output and towards the end when it hanged,
this is the last output it produced:

[0x4000] : Looking for native:
[0x4000] :      trying: Java_java_lang_VMThreadManager_start
[0x4000] : Compiled method
java/lang/VMThreadManager.start(Ljava/lang/Thread;JZI)I, entry 0xb68a4000
[0x4000] : GetObjectClass called
[0x4000] : GetObjectClass: class = java/lang/FinalizerThread
[0x4000] : GetFieldID called
[0x4000] : GetFieldID java/lang/FinalizerThread.vm_thread J = 0x8286894
[0x4000] : GetLongField called, id = 0x8286894
[0x4000] : IsInstanceOf called
[0x4000] : GetObjectClass called
[0x4000] : GetObjectClass: class = java/lang/FinalizerThread
[0x8003] : gc_thread_init 0x807d720
[0x8003] : FindClass called, name = java/lang/Thread
[0x8003] : FindClass called, name = java/lang/Thread
[0x8003] : si_goto_previous from ip = (nil) (M2N)
[0x8003] : si_unwind_from_m2n, ip = (nil)
[0x8003] : si_goto_previous to ip = (nil) (M2N)
[0x8003] : StartLoading class java/lang/Thread with loader 0x8633a18
[0x8003] : 0x8633a18 0x807d660 I java/lang/Thread
[0x8003] : Loader U (0x8633a18) loading class: java/lang/Thread...
[0x8003] : enter method java/lang/ClassLoader loadClass

At this point, it hangs, and I am forced to Cntrl^c to kill the process.


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