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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [build] Compiler parameterization and using ECJ
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:05:58 GMT

Nathan Beyer wrote:
> I've done some tweaking to the build scripts around compiler usage and
> wanted to run it by the list for comments, etc.
> *	I've removed the "-showversion" JVM argument from the module build
> scripts that were using it when executing the tests. The launcher behavior
> changed a bit here, so this isn't working with the IBM VME yet. This can be
> added back later. Note: this wasn't consistently being used in all scripts
> prior to this change.

right - I don't think it's much of a loss to not have it, but we'll put 
it back as soon as we can.
> *	Following the lead of other 'javac' properties configured in the
> /make/properties.xml file, I've added a 'hy.javac.compiler' property that is
> used by the scripts to set the 'compiler' property on 'javac' tasks.
> Currently, this is just set to 'modern' to maintain the previous behavior.

Why didn't you make it "hy.jc.cr"?  Seriously.  Would it have killed you 
to put in the "armon"?

> The other big reason to do this is to attempt to use the Eclipse (ECJ)
> compiler for the build. I've tested using the ECJ by setting the new
> property and the build and tests work as normal, but I haven't found a way
> to use the ECJ without manually placing the ECJ JAR in the ANT_HOME\lib
> folder. As such, I've left the compiler property at 'modern' for now.

Ugh.  I thought it was working before w/o having to put it in ant/lib, 
although i don't remember the reason why we took it away.
> I'd like to permanently set the compiler property to use the ECJ v3.2, but
> this will seemingly "break the build" if Ant isn't setup properly. Does
> anyone have any objections to using ECJ as the standard compiler? Since
> Harmony will use this as it's 'javac', I believe it would be proper for
> Harmony to be built with the same compiler.

That's fine, but I think we should solve the problem of where ECJ should 
be.  Having to dork w/ ant itself seems wrong.

> Does anyone know of any means of "dynamically" setting up Ant with ECJ? One
> thought I had was an extension to 'fetch-depends' that copies ECJ to
> ANT_HOME\lib for builders. I'm not sure if that would be considered
> desirable behavior.

No - I don't think we should alter peoples working environments like that.

Can we make it automatic for now?  if it detects ECJ it uses it, 
otherwise uses Sun?  (But then we still have the problem with the latest 
Sun compiler, don't we...)


> -Nathan

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