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From Steve Blackburn <Steve.Blackb...@anu.edu.au>
Subject [general] DaCapo Benchmark Suite and Paper
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 23:34:10 GMT
The DaCapo research group is pleased to announce a new beta release of 
the DaCapo benchmark suite, an accompanying set of performance 
evaluation methodologies for dynamically compiled languages [Blackburn 
et al., OOPSLA 2006], and mailing lists for community participation and 
feedback. All are available at www.dacapobench.org.

The DaCapo benchmark suite is a set of 11 non-trivial, real-world, open 
source Java benchmarks. This release contains numerous substantial 
improvements over earlier beta releases of the suite, including new, 
larger benchmarks and a greatly improved harness.  We encourage 
researchers and developers from industry and academia working with Java 
to use the DaCapo suite and apply the methodologies presented in the 
accompanying paper (www.dacapobench.org/dacapo-oopsla-2006.pdf 
<http://www.dacapobench.org/dacapo-oopsla-2006.pdf>).  The paper 
recommends performance evaluation and benchmarking methodologies for 
dynamically compiled languages, describes and analyzes the suite, and 
critiques the current state of measurement methodology in the field. The 
web site also contains a link to a companion 30-page technical report 
which includes comparative data for SPEC benchmarks.

The suite and paper represent the culmination of five years of work from 
around twenty individuals across eight institutions.

We anticipate that this will be the final beta release.


Steve Blackburn, on behalf of the DaCapo research group 

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