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From "Oleg Khaschansky" <oleg.v.khaschan...@gmail.com>
Subject [general] Marking JIRA issues before creation of patches.
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 15:43:59 GMT
Hi all,

There were situations when several people started work on the same
issue simultaneously. This happens because it is impossible to assign
an issue to a non-committer. I suggest the following process to
prevent these collisions:

1. If non-committer starts investigation and is pretty sure that he
will proceed with the patch then he adds a comment like "starting
investigation" to the JIRA issue. Maybe we should have a special
keyword for this to make a search easier.
2. If for some reason he is unable to provide the patch, he adds a
comment about this also.

What do you think about this?


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