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From "Jeroen Frijters" <jer...@sumatra.nl>
Subject RE: New IBM VME available soon
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 07:22:40 GMT
Chris Gray wrote:
> Olivier dixit:
> > ok, I just tested myself on Windows and it seems that the RI ignores
> > environment variable changes, so I guess it's fine if we 
> stick with what
> > we have in Harmony.
> Now that I think about it, I remember someone complaining 
> once on a Java newsgroup that changing the CLASSPATH environment
> variable had no effect on a running JVM. He got an education in
> Java class loading. :-)

On Windows at least this actually has nothing to do with class loading.
You simply cannot modify an environment variable of a running process
(at least not from outside that process). Every process has its own
copy, so changing the parent process' environment makes no difference,
nor does changing the environment of a child process.


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