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From "Xiao-Feng Li" <xiaofeng...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] Helper inlining in JIT
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 06:59:25 GMT
On 8/17/06, Rana Dasgupta <rdasgupt@gmail.com> wrote:
>    -  So we will write the inlinable  fastpaths wherever possible in pure
>    Java, using an annotated calling convention to call the slowpath ( to
>    support developer freedom :-) ).
>    - Where the fastpaths cannot be expressible in pure Java, we will
>    first use asm to develop the helper and a custom calling convention to
>    invoke and test it
>    - As and when the magic classes are all available( I have not seen
>    Alex and Weldon's code ), we will switch the second set  above to Java +
>    magic and start inlining these as well
>    - We can start with the new object allocation helper and .Jet if we
>    want to, I guess
>    - For folks who are interested in this, the core helpers live in
>    vmcore\src\jit\jit_runtime_support.cpp and the exports in
>    vmcore\include\jit_export.h.  There is platform specific stuff under
>    vmcore\util\[platform]\base

These make sense. Only one addition is, if we want the work be reused
by other GCs easily, the interfaces for fast path routines should be
defined. If the set is small (I think it is), we can define one or
more Java interfaces including all the methods, then any compatible GC
can implement these interfaces to leverage the inlining advantage. The
interfaces can be put into kernel class directory, and the
implementation code will stay with GC.  (I am using GC here as only an


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