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From "Ivanov, Alexey A" <alexey.a.iva...@intel.com>
Subject RE: [doc] Intrim solution
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:42:55 GMT
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>From: Geir Magnusson Jr. [mailto:geir@pobox.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 4:29 PM
>To: harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org
>Subject: Re: [doc] Intrim solution
>Morozova, Nadezhda wrote:
>> Geir,
>> Thanks for your effort in migrating docs to a more stable state
>> the website. I've been examining your solution, and here are my
>> comments:
>> 1) Nice and quick way to import new docs into the website without
>> converting them into XML for internal processing. Never thought of it
>> 2) Source of resulting file is not optimal because:
>> 	- Doctype declarations, metatags and head content are copied
>> from the 		imported document into the middle of the
>> resulting HTML code
>> 	- <body> of the page HTML has a nested <body> of imported
>> document
>Yep, but has there been any reported bad effects?
>> 3) Stylesheet referenced in resulting document is applied to the
>> page, 	including the left navigation menu.
>> This last point can be workarounded easily by making minor changes in
>> the referenced stylesheet (I could do this and send you a patch).
>> However, I don't like this solution and would rather vote for a
>> CSS for the whole website.
>> A major obstacle to having one CSS for the Harmony website is that
>> there's no such CSS at the moment! L&F of page content is set in the
>> .vsl file that Anakia uses.
>> I suggest that we move away from this by reducing .vsl to processing
>> only and move out all presentation tags into a Harmony-wide CSS. This
>> would help us:
>> - reduce file size (and consequently i-net traffic) for Harmony
>> you load only one file instead of loading the same styles for each
>> - reduce effort of integrating more docs into the website: each doc
>> references the same stylesheet and is displayed in the same way
>> - simplify doc structure: no nested <body> and <meta> elements;
>> <font> tags replaced with a hierarchical HTML tag and class structure
>> - clarify website functioning mechanism: distinguish processing
>> and presentation of resulting output
>> If the community agrees, I could try and implement this solution.
>> That would take a relatively significant amount of time as it would
>> include:
>> 1) Editing .vsl to remove presentation info and improving structure
>> resulting HTML code
>> 2) Creating a .css and testing it to fit existing files and new ones
>> 3) Going through all current XML files making up the website to make
>> adjustments in <body> content per new CSS requirements (can be done
by a
>> script or auto-replacement but still)
>The last one I don't understand.  Rarely is there any L&F info in the
>XML - that's the point of this approach - that the document content -
>the XML - is independent of the rendering.
>> All in all, this seems like a serious effort. Help most welcomed!
>Sounds good - I wouldn't try to bite it all off at once - I'd start
>seeing what it takes to get a basic CSS applied in the .vsl and start
>looking at it from there.
>Lets try to do this incrementally, so if we decide not to do it, the
>investment is as small as possible.


I'd even prefer the resulting HTML could be validated as valid HTML 4.01


>(IOW, go for it!)
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Alexey A. Ivanov
Intel Middleware Product Division

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