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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [classlib][luni] signalis interruptus in hysock
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:29:42 GMT
Time to take another run at this since I didn't get any responses on  
the drlvm thread.

We have the problem that DRLVM uses SIGUSR2 in the thread manager  
(not an unreasonable thing to do, I believe) but this results in  
knocking threads out of select() in hysock.c (and I'm sure we'll see  
it in other places.)

Now, I'm not sure what the right course of action is.  We have a  
suggested patch from Artem that suggests we just ignore when the  
tread is interrupted :

--- modules/luni/src/main/native/port/linux/hysock.c
+++ modules/luni/src/main/native/port/linux/hysock.c
@@ -2570,11 +2570,16 @@ hysock_select (struct HyPortLibrary * po
   I_32 rc = 0;
   I_32 result = 0;

-  result =
+  do
+  {
+    result =
     select (nfds, readfds == NULL ? NULL : &readfds->handle,
             writefds == NULL ? NULL : &writefds->handle,
             exceptfds == NULL ? NULL : &exceptfds->handle,
             timeout == NULL ? NULL : &timeout->time);
+  }
+  while (result == -1 && errno == EINTR);
   if (result == -1)
       rc = errno;

this works, but I'm bothered by the fact that we're just blindly  
ignoring signals like this.  I also think that I need to go and do  
this everywhere we have a non-restarted interruptable blocking system  

Now, I'd like to get this fixed today, as it's high time for another  
snapshot of the JRE and HDK, but w/o it, Tomcat runs for 2 seconds at  
best :)

So - does anyone have any other bright ideas?  Why don't we see this  
with J9?    Would it be better to do a per-thread signal mask after  
asking the thread manager what signal it's using du jour?  (Andrey  
noted that Sun allows one to change the signals used, apparently to  
prevent collision w/ user code vi JNI, I guess...)


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