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From "Rana Dasgupta" <rdasg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] platform support
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 18:25:31 GMT
On 8/9/06, Oleg Khaschansky <oleg.v.khaschansky@gmail.com> wrote:
> >Maybe [1] will give some additional info.
> >It is out of the context of DRLVM discussion, but awt uses GDI+
> >extensively. According to [1] GDI+ is not available on w2k.
> >[1]
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/sdkintro>/sdkintro/windows_xp.asp
> I don't have good answers. The DRLVM release notes say that you need VS
.Net 2003 or VC 7 and higher and the corresponding Platform SDK to compile.
I am not even sure that these run on W2000. The way to start to identify
this would be to try and build the sources on a W2K box with the highest
level of compiler available ( VC 6 or VC 7 ) and the SDK, and see what
breaks in the current code. This also impacts not yet committed code.

1) there are changes in thread/fiber api's. For example, GetProcessId,
GetThreadId, GetProcessHandleCount , RestoreLastError etc. are common,
efficient api's not present on 2000. I am sure that the DRLVM code has
plenty of these. Others could be GetThreadIOPendingFlag, Set/Get
ProcessWorkingSetSizeEx etc. which I don't know if DRLVM uses. There is no
use of fibers in DRLVM code.
2) Exceptions: W2K and below support SEH and not Vectored Exceptions which
DRLVM uses.
3)File system: Get/Set DllDirectory, SetFileShortName, ReOpenFile,
GetSystemWOW64Directory are likely api's that drlvm *AND* pending
submissions use. Not present in 2k
4) Memory and System Info: Use of low fragmentation heaps,
GetNativeSystemInfo, GetLogicalProcessorInformation, GetLargePageMinimum
etc. etc. I don't even think that support for large pages and low frag heap
exists in 2k
5) Debug apis: Some basic changes on how to set debug breaks, remote
debugging and just tin time debugging need to be checked out for both
exising AND pending code. debughelp.dll and SymServ.dll to help with symbol
alignment( we hit this ) is not available on 2k. I don't know if we use the
newer error reporting api's like ReportFault, ERExcludedApplication etc
6) Advapi32.dll is used everyewhere and quite radically changed from W2K
7) Many UI api's that I don't really know

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