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From "Magnusson, Geir" <geir.magnus...@intel.com>
Subject RE: Swing don't run on Windows
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 14:34:42 GMT

The UserBL : 
> Hi!
> AT first, congratulations to Apache and Intel for the new snapshots at
> http://people.apache.org/dist/incubator/harmony/snapshots/
> from the 4. Augusta 2006.

Apache and Intel?  No, just Apache :)  That's not slighting Intel, but
there are many contributors to the project, and our identity is "Apache
Harmony" - we leave our corporate identities "at the door" when we work

> Now it has in the hdk-version its own JVM integrated, so that 
> IBMs JVM is no 
> longer needed.

Well, we still are really appreciative of it because it's a production
grade VM that we can still use for testing.  It will help us make our
classlibrary and VM better.

> But on Windows there isn't neither in the hdk- nor in the 
> jre-version the 
> file gl.dll.

Right - I think I said that on the mail list - that for now, we didn't
build that into the snapshot for windows.  Expect that I the next (or
so) update to the snapshot.

> And with older versions of harmony (where the gl.dll is in Windows 
> integrated) there also don't run Swing or AWT programs. With 
> Harmony I can 
> only run text-mode programs on Windows. On Linux on the other 
> side, the AWT- 
> and Swing-programs runs. And they looks nice. :-)

Yeah, it's just a packaging and integration issue.  We're getting there

That's for trying it - we're interested in any feedback you have in
terms of bugs and such :)


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