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From "Weldon Washburn" <weldon...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: performance of drlvm
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 14:38:20 GMT
On 8/24/06, zouqiong <ustczz@gmail.com> wrote:
> En, I list some paper I have read.
> 1.Efficient Representations and Abstractions for Quantifying and Exploiting
> Data Reference
>   Locality.
> 2.Bursty Tracing: A Framework for Low-Overhead Temporal Profiling
> 3.Dynamic Hot Data Stream Prefetching for General-Purpose Programs
> 4.Profile-guided Proactive Garbage Collection for Locality Optimization
> list 1-4 provide the framework to trace, and the algorithm to process the
> trace.
> If you want to learn more about SEQUITUR algorithm, you can read
> 5.Whole Program Paths
> All these paper can be found by using Goole. From these paper, you can
> find more
> that you need to read.
> And the problems I faced now are:
> 1. Which library to choose to profile the Data Reference Trace. PAPI? We
> need to
> know the pc of the instructions which incur most of the cache miss. I am
> afraid of
> the profiling overhead.
> 2.How to abstract the Data Reference Trace for JAVA? Egor had given some
> clue
> on it.
> And now I want to know the schedule for this project.

The project schedule will appear on this mailing list.  Please be
patient as it is an open source project.  It relies on volunteers to
make the schedule real.

> I expect to join it.

Excellent!  We need folks involved in Harmony who aggressively read
the GC literature.

> But I am not
> familiar with GC and interface for profile in drlvm, can you give me some
> clue or
> suggestion to learn them as soon as possible. Thanks.

There are several things happening in drlvm gc that you should be
aware of.  There is an effort to design and build a conventional
generational mark/sweep compact collector.  You will see this appear
as "GCV5" on harmony-dev.  There is also an effort to port a well
known research GC called MMTk.  I have been doing the MMTk port and
will be reporting status to harmony-dev in the next day or two.
Although GCV4 is what's available right now, you may find either GCV5
or MMTk more suitable for you work.

Its been a while since I looked at Chilimbi's work.  It might be
worthwhile doing a google on "Chilimbi MMTk" to see if there is any

Weldon Washburn
Intel Middleware Products Division

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