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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [doc] Intrim solution
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:28:35 GMT
Morozova, Nadezhda wrote:
> Geir, 
> Thanks for your effort in migrating docs to a more stable state inside
> the website. I've been examining your solution, and here are my
> comments: 
> 1) Nice and quick way to import new docs into the website without
> converting them into XML for internal processing. Never thought of it :)
> 2) Source of resulting file is not optimal because: 
> 	- Doctype declarations, metatags and head content are copied
> from the 		imported document into the middle of the
> resulting HTML code
> 	- <body> of the page HTML has a nested <body> of imported
> document

Yep, but has there been any reported bad effects?

> 3) Stylesheet referenced in resulting document is applied to the whole
> page, 	including the left navigation menu. 


> This last point can be workarounded easily by making minor changes in
> the referenced stylesheet (I could do this and send you a patch).
> However, I don't like this solution and would rather vote for a common
> CSS for the whole website. 


> A major obstacle to having one CSS for the Harmony website is that
> there's no such CSS at the moment! L&F of page content is set in the
> .vsl file that Anakia uses. 
> I suggest that we move away from this by reducing .vsl to processing
> only and move out all presentation tags into a Harmony-wide CSS. This
> would help us: 
> - reduce file size (and consequently i-net traffic) for Harmony website:
> you load only one file instead of loading the same styles for each page
> - reduce effort of integrating more docs into the website: each doc
> references the same stylesheet and is displayed in the same way
> - simplify doc structure: no nested <body> and <meta> elements; numerous
> <font> tags replaced with a hierarchical HTML tag and class structure
> - clarify website functioning mechanism: distinguish processing macros
> and presentation of resulting output  
> If the community agrees, I could try and implement this solution. 
> That would take a relatively significant amount of time as it would
> include: 
> 1) Editing .vsl to remove presentation info and improving structure of
> resulting HTML code
> 2) Creating a .css and testing it to fit existing files and new ones
> 3) Going through all current XML files making up the website to make
> adjustments in <body> content per new CSS requirements (can be done by a
> script or auto-replacement but still)

The last one I don't understand.  Rarely is there any L&F info in the 
XML - that's the point of this approach - that the document content - 
the XML - is independent of the rendering.

> All in all, this seems like a serious effort. Help most welcomed! 

Sounds good - I wouldn't try to bite it all off at once - I'd start with 
seeing what it takes to get a basic CSS applied in the .vsl and start 
looking at it from there.

Lets try to do this incrementally, so if we decide not to do it, the 
investment is as small as possible.

(IOW, go for it!)


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