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From Oliver Deakin <oliver.dea...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: New IBM VME available soon
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 13:24:58 GMT
Hi Paulex,

Thanks also to Leo for providing this implementation. I tried a couple 
of simple
tests on Windows on the getenv() and getenv(String) methods.

The getenv() method seems to work fine, giving me a list of the 
environment properties.
I compared this list to those output by the Sun and IBM VMs, and found only
one property missing (the rest were the same). It is a property with key 
and value "::\" (without the quote marks). I have no idea what they are 
for or
whether they are important. Can anyone shed any light on these?

When testing the getenv(String) method I hit a snag. If I try the 
following line:


on the current classlib, I get "null" output, whereas on J9 and Sun 50 I get
the correct path contents printed. I looked a little closer and found that
this is because my path environment variable is actually called "Path". So
it seems that on Windows the RI and IBM vms are case insensitive,
but Harmony is not. The spec for getenv(String) states:

"On UNIX systems the alphabetic case of 'name' is typically significant,
while on Microsoft Windows systems it is typically not. For example, the
expression 'System.getenv("FOO").equals(System.getenv("foo"))' is
likely to be true on Microsoft Windows."

It seems we see this difference with Harmony because the current
implementation tries to carry out a lookup in a Map with the environment
variable name as the key. Since this lookup is case sensitive, we do not 
the entry.

IMHO we should match the RI behaviour on this one. I would propose
a solution that involves making Environment.getenv(String) carry out a
direct call to a native function that in turn calls 
GetEnvironmentVariable() [1] on
Windows and (I think) getenv() on Linux[2]. This way the case-sensitivity
should match that typical to the platform. Do you agree?

I would also remove the static initialisation block from that class, and 
its contents into the getenv() method instead, just returning the Map
directly without need to staticly store it in the class. I suggest this 
for two
1) It reduces the long term memory requirements of the Environment
class. With the current implementation all the Strings are loaded into
memory the first time the class is loaded, and then they stay in memory
until the class is unloaded or the VM exits, even if they are never used
2) With the current implementation, it is possible that the returned
environment variables are out of date. There could be a scenario where
the Environment.getenv() method is queried, then some actions happen
in an application that cause environment variables to change, and the
getenv() is queried again. The result from getenv() would not change
frmo one call to the next even though the environment has. I think the
right solution here is to rebuild the Map every time getenv() is called.

What do you think of these suggestions Paulex, Leo?


[2] http://man.he.net/man3/getenv

Paulex Yang wrote:
> Oli
> Thanks Leo for volunteering, I've checked in his patch for 
> HARMONY-1155 at revision r431560, i.e., the implementation of 
> Environment class, would you help to verify if that implementation is 
> OK to use? or it takes effect automatically at once? Thank you.
> Oliver Deakin wrote:
>> Leo Li wrote:
>>> Hi, Oliver:
>>>     I am willing to implement the
>>> org.apache.harmony.luni.platform.Environment class with
>>> the  two  getenv() methods.
>> Great, thanks for volunteering Leo!
>>> Good luck!
>>> On 8/8/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
>>>> Great news.
>>>> In the future, could you please prefix the subject line with something
>>>> appropriate, like [general]?  It helps people prioritize and such...
>>>> thanks
>>>> Oliver Deakin wrote:
>>>> > Hi all,
>>>> >
>>>> > I'm pleased to announce that a new 5.0 level IBM VME will be made
>>>> > available soon at:
>>>> >  http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/harmony/index.html
>>>> >
>>>> > The new VME downloads are named Harmony-vme-win.IA32-v4.zip and
>>>> > Harmony-vme-linux.IA32-v4.tar.gz. I would like to stress that if you
>>>> > download these packages now, they will *not* work with the class 
>>>> library
>>>> > code currently in Harmony Subversion. I have created a new JIRA
>>>> > (HARMONY-1084) containing patches for Harmony classlib and  the 
>>>> Eclipse
>>>> > Harmony plugin which are required to be able to use the new VME. The
>>>> > patches make the following changes:
>>>> > - Change Java build target from jsr14 to 1.5 :)
>>>> > - Change the bootclasspath system property name from
>>>> > com.ibm.oti.system.class.path to org.apache.harmony.boot.class.path
>>>> > - Create a new org.apache.harmony.luni.platform.Environment class 
>>>> that
>>>> > contains two (currently stubbed) getenv() methods. Once these 
>>>> methods
>>>> > are implemented, VM writers will be able to redirect System.getenv()
>>>> > calls to this class.
>>>> > - Rename clearvm.dll/libclearvm.so to 
>>>> harmonyvm.dll/libharmonyvm.so, and
>>>> > update the launchers reference to this library.
>>>> > - Rename clearvm.properties to harmonyvm.properties, and update the
>>>> > Eclipse plugin to find this file.
>>>> > - Update tests.api.java.lang.reflect.ArrayTest and
>>>> > tests.api.java.lang.ThreadGroupTest to reflect changes between 
>>>> 1.4 and
>>>> > 5.0 behaviour.
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> > Once the classlib patch has been applied, you will need to 
>>>> download the
>>>> > new VME in order to continue developing with the IBM VM. The 
>>>> previous
>>>> > version of the VME will no longer be compatible.
>>>> >
>>>> > I will send out a further mail when the new VME is available to 
>>>> download
>>>> > and use.
>>>> >
>>>> > Regards,
>>>> > Oliver
>>>> >
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Oliver Deakin
IBM United Kingdom Limited

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