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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] src/test side-by-side with vm and build?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:46:27 GMT

Zakirov, Salikh wrote:
> Hi,
> in the below commit Geir has added several dozens files
> under
> 	drlvm/trunk/src/test
> Since we have two directories on the top-level, build with build
> system, and vm with everything else (sources, tests, documentation), 
> it seems very confusing to have 'src' directory at the top level.

Yep - I just wanted to park them somewhere as I wanted to close the
JIRAs that they came in.  I thought that putting them in a conventional
place like 'src/test' would cause a violent allergic reaction in people
used to the unique innovation that is the DRLVM layout :)

> Some time ago DRLVM team had very hot debates on directory structure,
> and we ended up with following structure:
>      drlvm/trunk
>      + vm
>         + vmcore
>         + jitrino
>         + ...       (other components)
>         + doc       (documentation)
>         + tests     (tests)
>         + include   (header files)
>      + build        (build system)
> The tests that are now checked into src/test look like they are put to a
> wrong place.
> More correct place would be something like
> 	vm/tests/verifier
> Pavel, could you suggest a convenient place for your verifier tests? 

Actually, we need to come up with a real test framework for these, and
hopefully pull the other tests out to join them.  I thought I brought
this up in a JIRA or note to the dev list.

While we're talking about it, should we consider a fresh layout for
DRLVM?  Maybe we can switch to a make-based build at the same time...
right now, the layout w/in vm/ is somewhat arbitrary :

1) There is an include directory in parallel with the modules


2) Some modules have their own include directories  (vm/vmcore/include)

3) Some don't (vm/em)

4) Some modules have src near the top :


5) Some don't


6) Some modules have strange branches by language deep in the path :


What do you think?


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