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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: New IBM VME available soon
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 19:15:48 GMT
Great news.

In the future, could you please prefix the subject line with something
appropriate, like [general]?  It helps people prioritize and such...


Oliver Deakin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm pleased to announce that a new 5.0 level IBM VME will be made
> available soon at:
>  http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/harmony/index.html
> The new VME downloads are named Harmony-vme-win.IA32-v4.zip and
> Harmony-vme-linux.IA32-v4.tar.gz. I would like to stress that if you
> download these packages now, they will *not* work with the class library
> code currently in Harmony Subversion. I have created a new JIRA
> (HARMONY-1084) containing patches for Harmony classlib and  the Eclipse
> Harmony plugin which are required to be able to use the new VME. The
> patches make the following changes:
> - Change Java build target from jsr14 to 1.5 :)
> - Change the bootclasspath system property name from
> com.ibm.oti.system.class.path to org.apache.harmony.boot.class.path
> - Create a new org.apache.harmony.luni.platform.Environment class that
> contains two (currently stubbed) getenv() methods. Once these methods
> are implemented, VM writers will be able to redirect System.getenv()
> calls to this class.
> - Rename clearvm.dll/libclearvm.so to harmonyvm.dll/libharmonyvm.so, and
> update the launchers reference to this library.
> - Rename clearvm.properties to harmonyvm.properties, and update the
> Eclipse plugin to find this file.
> - Update tests.api.java.lang.reflect.ArrayTest and
> tests.api.java.lang.ThreadGroupTest to reflect changes between 1.4 and
> 5.0 behaviour.
> Once the classlib patch has been applied, you will need to download the
> new VME in order to continue developing with the IBM VM. The previous
> version of the VME will no longer be compatible.
> I will send out a further mail when the new VME is available to download
> and use.
> Regards,
> Oliver

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