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From Salikh Zakirov <Salikh.Zaki...@Intel.com>
Subject Re: [general]Snapshot cannot work on Win2K
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 09:45:18 GMT

Aleksey Ignatenko wrote:
> Hi, it looks like your friend needs to install Microsoft Platform SDK on
> his
> PC .
> Another solution is to download and update version of dbghelp library from
> msdn site.

I vaguely remember that Microsoft license allows to include dbghelp.dll
to binary distributions. Below is a quote from EULA (end user license agreement).
May be we could put dbghelp.dll to binary snapshots?

--- 8< --- 
* Distribution Terms.  You may reproduce and distribute an unlimited number of copies of the
Sample Code and/or 
Redistributable Code (collectively "Redistributable Components") as described above in object
code form, provided that (a) 
you distribute the Redistributable Components only in conjunction with and as a part of your
Application solely for use with a 
Microsoft Operating System Product; (b) your Application adds significant and primary functionality
to the Redistributable 
Components; (c) you distribute your Application containing the Redistributable Components
pursuant to an End-User License 
Agreement (which may be "break-the-seal", "click-wrap" or signed), with terms no less protective
than those contained herein; 
(d) you do not permit further redistribution of the Redistributable Components by your end-user
customers; (e) you do not use 
Microsoft's name, logo, or trademarks to market your Application; (f) you include a valid
copyright notice on your 
Application; and (g) you agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Microsoft from and
against any claims or lawsuits, 
including attorneys' fees, that arise or result from the use or distribution of your Application.
 Contact Microsoft for the 
applicable licensing terms for all other uses and/or distribution of the Redistributable Components.
--- 8< ---

[1] http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=CD1FC4B2-0885-47F4-AF45-7FD5E14DB6C0

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