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From "Anton Rusanov" <anton.d.rusa...@gmail.com>
Subject Keytool is done, JarSigner is next.
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:02:37 GMT
I'm happy to write this - Keytool is done and operative now. :)
It has the same functionality as the one from RI with some improvements.
In addition to what RI can do the Harmony Keytool is able to
 * generate X.509 certificates v2, v3.
 * sign a certificate with another key from the keystore
 * generate and manage secret keys
 * convert a keystore to another format
 * check certificate revocation status
 * verify a certificate chain
 * use specific providers for various purposes.

There is still a little problem with making an executable of the tool
in the build. So you can follow the steps to make it on your own:
1. copy deploy\jdk\jre\bin\java.exe to deploy\jdk\jre\bin\keytool.exe
2. copy deploy\jdk\lib\tools.jar into deploy\jdk\jre\bin\
3. run keytool.exe

I want to thank Mikhail for applying my patches.
I'm going to start work on JarSigner tool. Does anyone have objections
to me doing this?


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