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From "Daniel Fridlender" <dfridlen...@gmail.com>
Subject [classlib][java.math] combination of math packages
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 02:08:55 GMT
Dear all,

On behalf of ITC, I have submitted as H-935 a new implementation of
java.math combining previously donated implementations.  It includes
what we think are the best features of H-380 (donated by Intel) and
the best features of H-199 (donated by ITC).  We have also fixed some
bugs from both implementations and done some further optimizations on
methods from both of them.

We have also included a few optimizations from H-551, we expect to
include the remaining optimizations soon.  We have also improved the
performance test suite from H-551 and included further tests, among
them realistic applications from cryptography.  Check the README file
included in the package mathPerformanceTestsUpdate.zip (H-935) for
some more details about the new features of the test suite.

A sample of the output obtained with the performance test suite can be
found at http://www.fitc.unc.edu.ar/javadev/math/benchmarking.html

A comparative analysis on a method-by-method basis between H-380 and
H-199 can be found at

We will include further documentation soon.  In the meantime, a brief
description of the main issues follows:

Internal representation of BigInteger: taken from H-380
(Sign-magnitude representation).
Design: taken from H-199 (well-defined static libraries grouped by
Serialization: taken from H-380 (it was not implemented in H-199).

Most methods and constructors were taken from one of the previous
donations and then tuned for consistency with the internal
representation, for bug removal and for further optimizations.  Very
often large parts were reprogrammed (e.g.: shiftRight, bitLength,
bitCount, not, setTrueCoded, modInverse, and many more).

Nevertheless we can roughly say that the new version started by taking:

1) Methods of BigDecimal: most of them from H-199 because of efficiency.
2) Representation-dependent methods of BigInteger: most of them from H-380.
3) Representation-independent methods of BigInteger: most of them from
H-199 for efficiency.
4) From H-551: caches, BigInteger.compareArrays, BigInteger.valueOf,
BigDecimal.valueOf, etc.  We also took their performance test suite,
improve it and added further benchmarks.

We plan to introduce remaining optimizations from H-551 and to
optimize other methods (modPow, modInverse, nextProbablePrime, etc.)
in order to bridge the gap in efficiency with the RI.

Best regards,

Daniel Fridlender


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