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From "Denis Kishenko" <dkishe...@gmail.com>
Subject [optimization] hashCode() evolution
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 14:04:41 GMT
Let's continue discussion about hashCode() from thread "Algorithmic tricks".

2006/7/27, Spark Shen <smallsmallorgan@gmail.com>:
> I do have a concern that in some classes, hash calculation does have
> very import impact, but in some others may not be so important, or may not
> be taken so heavy use. IMHO, the 'degree of hashing' provided by this
> method may be a little too general to use by all classes. It may be too
> heave
> for some, but too light for others.
Please give some examples of heavy and light hashing in your vision.

> > But only several classes are using it. I suggest integrate HashCode in
> > all hashCode() implementations (about 200 files), I can do this. Anybody
> > else can improve HashCode work.
> >
> Such a utility class is very helpful, but utilize it in all classes may
> not be suitable. And do have some 'premature optimization' smell here.
> As anthon said
> "What I'm talking about is not related to 'premature optimization' that
> is now being discussed in another thread but something very narrow,
> limited to maybe one method and not influencing anything else. "
So your suggestion is leave hashCode as is?

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