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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [general] App-driven Improvement
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 01:20:13 GMT
Now that we have a distribution of the VM + classlib in the JRE, we can
start encouraging people to try real applications and tell us what's
wrong.  I'm guessing this will be an avalanche of useful information :)

Obviously, the ideal is getting both tests and patches, but I think
that's a lot to ask of casual users, and we will benefit greatly from
casual users trying their applications in their environments on our JRE
and reporting the results, even at a high level.

So, I created a new category in JIRA called

    "App-Oriented Bug Reports"

which is intended for people to tell us what went wrong with their apps,
even if they can't quite identify why.  I have some time on a plane
tomorrow, so I'll add a section to the website detailing the idea and
what we're looking for.  I think we have a bit of this information in
the Wiki, so I hope to 'harvest' that too.

The idea is for users to report things to us, even if vague, and then
encourage anyone in the community to take those and hunt down the
problem in detail.  As an example, I added HARMONY-956, which reports on
what appears to be broken classpath/classloader behavior, exhibited when
running ActiveMQ with the latest snapshot build.   I've seen this with
other apps too, not just ActiveMQ

While I didn't chase it down, there should be enough information there
for someone to go and try to figure it out, and report back the real
exact problem (hopefully w/ a patch!)

I hope this will create a "virtuous cycle" of ever increasing
functionality as we fix important bugs reported by users with real
applications, as well as greater project participation as the
"app-oriented" bugs provide opportunities for contribution.

Anyway, I'm hoping this will be useful for us...


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