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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [general] hdk and jre for review...
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:53:53 GMT

Tim Ellison wrote:
> Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>> I downloaded and tried it out on Windows...
>>> Comments on packaging/layout:
>>> As pointed out by Nathan, the JRE seems to have way more in it than we
>>> actually need.
>> Yes, but you probably understand that's not intentional.
> Understood, just being thorough ;-)
>>> In jre/bin:
>>>  - What happened to the harmony launcher and the ability to use
>>> different VMs?  I'm concerned that having a DRLVM-specific launcher, and
>>> putting all the DRLVM files directly into jre/bin breaks the goal to run
>>> with multiple VMs.
>> If you've been following, that argument is still happening.  Once that's
>> fixed, we go back.  The intention is to go to harmony launcher.
> Sure I have been participating in that discussion.  I appreciate that
> this is a snapshot of a particular VM/class library combination -- but
> wanted it to be clear to all that this is not the final 'shape'.  Sounds
> like we still agree that supporting numerous VMs and other class
> libraries (eventually) remains important.

The whole thing is far from final shape.  :)

>>>  - I'm assuming that the slam of the hythr library is a temporary
>>> solution while we continue the discussion?
>> Yep.  Like the (@)#!@#! launcher.
> Ack.
>>>  - There seems to be a spurious Hello.class and encoder.lib in there.
>> I left the Hello :)  Figure it's easy for someone to then type java -cp
>> . Hello
>> but yes, that goes.
>>> Elsewhere:
>>>  - jre/lib is a strange place to put the Eclipse plug-in support.  I
>>> don;t think this should be in the HDK/JRE at all as it is a separate
>>> piece of work.
>> yep
>>>  - Should not be a jdk/jre/include directory, only the jdk/include.  We
>>> have two different copies of jni.h.
>> yep, but that's a larger issue in itself, isn't it... :)
> Do you think so?  They should contain the same things.  And you wouldn't
> expect to have a jni.h in a JRE.

The issue is that we have two, not that it's there.

>>> Running code:
>>>  - The batch file was not much use to me...
>>> C:\download\rssowl_1_2_1_win32_bin>\temp\harmony-hdk-r424020\jdk\jre\bin\java.bat
>>> -jar rssowl.jar
>>> C:\download\rssowl_1_2_1_win32_bin>.\java.exe -jar rssowl.jar
>>> '.\java.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
>>> operable program or batch file.
>> Right - I need to ditch the batch, I think.
>>> but the .exe ran ok and RSSOwl seems to work just fine.
>>> I had the same problem as Nathan (ERROR: Destructive unwinding: C++
>>> objects detected on stack!) when trying to run Eclipse 3.2.
>> Thanks for the feedback.
>> The purpose here was to sew together Frankenstein's Monster, and iterate
>> from there.
> Apologies if the original note sounded like a bunch of criticisms -- it
> is a joy to see the combined work, and it is phenomenal to see all this
> progress.  Good job everyone!

I didn't take it that way.  Just iterating my "lowering of expectations" :)

>> I'll do another iteration, the big problem being the hdk in the jre (I
>> know that problem - did that dance on linux as well...) and getting rid
>> of obvious user-distractions like java.bat.  I'll trim out hello also.
>> Launcher will be fixed Real Soon Now as soon now as that's in progress,
>> and we have to fix the dual jni.h problem.
>> I'll make a separate directory in root of JRE for eclipse plugin.
> Do you really think we need that in the JRE?  I'd be inclined to leave
> it out

I agree that later we should, but in these first iterations as we get
our act together, I figured that including useful things for people
would be good.

We could just call it the JDK rather than JRE, but that just brings up a
 bunch of other issues that I'm not sure it's worth slowing down for.
Maybe throw it in a directory called "goodies" or such, so it's clear
that it's something odd, and put a note in there telling people what to
do with it?


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