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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] choose one [x-net] || [security] for HARMONY-536 (JSSE provider)
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 12:47:53 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
> George Harley wrote:
>> I think you are right. The kind of information we would want to have in
>> a Harmony cacerts file is available from CA web sites (e.g. Verisign and
>> Thawte). Inclusion of Thawte root certs requires accepting their license
>> which is available on the repository access page [1]. It seems pretty
>> harmless (famous last words).
>> I guess that in order to build our own Harmony cacerts file we would
>> need to retrieve the root certs information from each CA in turn being
>> careful to check out the terms of any associated licenses.
> Yep.  I'm looking at the license now.  It seems harmless, but there seem
> to be small issues to figure out, such as if I (geir) accept the
> license, how can the cert be included in an ASF product following the
> letter of the law...  I'll take this as a problem to solve...

Looking at the list of CAs in my copy of Sun 5.0 I see the list given
below (my grouping).  Clearly we would like to have all these to
redistribute, but we may need to track them down from the original
sources to avoid any usage gotchas.

It would be useful, when people find the right links if we can gather
them together in one place.


baltimorecodesigningca, 10-May-2002, trustedCertEntry,
baltimorecybertrustca, 10-May-2002, trustedCertEntry,

entrust2048ca, 09-Jan-2003, trustedCertEntry,
entrustclientca, 09-Jan-2003, trustedCertEntry,
entrustglobalclientca, 09-Jan-2003, trustedCertEntry,
entrustgsslca, 09-Jan-2003, trustedCertEntry,
entrustsslca, 09-Jan-2003, trustedCertEntry,

equifaxsecureca, 18-Jul-2003, trustedCertEntry,
equifaxsecureebusinessca1, 18-Jul-2003, trustedCertEntry,
equifaxsecureebusinessca2, 18-Jul-2003, trustedCertEntry,
equifaxsecureglobalebusinessca1, 18-Jul-2003, trustedCertEntry,

geotrustglobalca, 18-Jul-2003, trustedCertEntry,

godaddyclass2ca, 11-Jan-2005, trustedCertEntry,

gtecybertrust5ca, 10-May-2002, trustedCertEntry,
gtecybertrustca, 10-May-2002, trustedCertEntry,
gtecybertrustglobalca, 10-May-2002, trustedCertEntry,

starfieldclass2ca, 11-Jan-2005, trustedCertEntry,

thawtepersonalbasicca, 12-Feb-1999, trustedCertEntry,
thawtepersonalfreemailca, 12-Feb-1999, trustedCertEntry,
thawtepersonalpremiumca, 12-Feb-1999, trustedCertEntry,
thawtepremiumserverca, 12-Feb-1999, trustedCertEntry,
thawteserverca, 12-Feb-1999, trustedCertEntry,

valicertclass2ca, 11-Jan-2005, trustedCertEntry,

verisignclass1ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass1g2ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass1g3ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass2ca, 27-Oct-2003, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass2g2ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass2g3ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass3ca, 27-Oct-2003, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass3g2ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignclass3g3ca, 25-Mar-2004, trustedCertEntry,
verisignserverca, 29-Jun-1998, trustedCertEntry,



Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
IBM Java technology centre, UK.

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