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From "Jimmy, Jing Lv" <firep...@gmail.com>
Subject [classlib][nio]the conflict of RI and spec?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 03:17:48 GMT

     I find a conflict that RI does not behave as spec says in 
java.nio.channels.FileChannel.transforFrom(ReadableByteChannel src, 
                              long position,long count).
     The spec says:"...Fewer than the requested number of bytes will be 
transferred if the source channel has fewer than count bytes 
remaining..."[1]. As expected, invoking this method with a count larger 
than the number of bytes remaining in the ReadableByteChannel, RI should 
return a number of bytes exactly transfered. But in fact, RI throws an 
IOException. I run the test[2] on windowsXP SP2 with RI1.5.0_01 and 
RI1.5.0_06, and on Linux(redhat 9) with RI1.5.0_02 and RI1.5.0_06, and 
get the same result.
     Currently Harmony behave well on this. I guess this is a bug of RI, 
and Harmony implementation is good. If no objection, I suggest add this 
test to Harmony.
     Any opinions? Thanks!

[1] spec of FileChannel:
[2] the test:
     public void test_transferFromLReadableByteChannelJJ_overflow()
             throws Exception {
         String content = "test content";
         int length = content.length();
         File readFile = File.createTempFile("testfile1", "tmp");
         File writeFile = File.createTempFile("testfile2", "tmp");
         FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(readFile);
         try {
         } finally {
         FileChannel fc1 = new FileInputStream(readFile).getChannel();
         FileChannel fc2 = new FileOutputStream(writeFile).getChannel();
         try {
             long result = fc2.transferFrom(fc1, 0, length * 2);
             assertEquals(length, result);
         } finally {


Best Regards!

Jimmy, Jing Lv
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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