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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [general] milestones and roadmap (round 1 summary)
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 05:10:53 GMT
I think this captures the input so far w/ a minimum of editorializing on
my part for now :)  let me know if anything was left off, or if there
are new things to be added

- switch to java 5

- get some of the principal JDK tools in place

- use system libraries, dynamically where appropriate - libz,
  libpng, libjpeg, liblcms, libicu*, etc.

- modularity
  -- DRLVM - refine and document the internal interfaces and API
     such that one can substitute parts of VM (ex, can the MMTk
     activities be a first step?)
  -- classlib - is there opportunity for refactoring classlib
     natives to be more modular WRT portlib?

Build/Test Framework
- regular schedule for snapshots.  Maybe every two weeks for now?
  -- classlib
  -- classlib + DRLVM
  -- classlib + classlib adapter + jchevm

- Build/CI/test framework - Mark/IBM get us booted?
  -- make it easy for anyone to setup the CI infrastructure
     and report back to a website here

- Performance
  -- measure baseline
  -- start looking for hotspots

- Stability and reliability
  -- stress testing

- "application-driven advancement"
  -- which apps work
  -- tool for users to generate "missing classes" reports for us

  -- acquire
  -- integrate

- federated build
  -- agreement between parts on things like debug/release flag,
     structure of artifacts (model after classlib for now),
     common dependency pool where possible, etc

- concurrency : integration of Doug Lea's java.util.concurrency package.
  -- Nathan is looking at it
  -- need support from DRLVM + JCHEVM

- CORBA - yoko?

  -- Mark has MX4J in place
  -- need to see if we can host MX4J as separate distributable
     of the Harmony project

- package completion roadmap

- em64t platform support
- ipf platform support
- amd64
- linux/ppc64
- osx/intel
- osx/ppc

- make things accessible to users

- increase commmitter pool

- get out of incubator
  -- I think it's too early now, and we aren't "suffering"
     being in here, so I'd prefer to drop this one...

(p.s. I just got a osx/intel box, so I'm really hoping that port is easy...)

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