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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject "We would like all the development to happen right here"
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 16:56:08 GMT
Hey gang,

I know I've talked about this with a bunch of people (specifically also at the
last apachecon), but I couldn't find it stated anywhere in a public e-mail, so
I figured I'd waste a bit of everyone's time and write an email. I hope its all
obvious stuff anyway.

Harmony has received and processed *many* *big* corporate contributions,
more than any other apache project before us. This is in large part because
harmony is such a unique project, implementing something big for which there
have been many implementations for over 10 years.

This is really cool -- for one these contributions have allowed us to grow
at a tremendous rate and reach many milestones *really quickly*.

There is, however, therefore a bit of a contrast with "normal apache
process". I thought I'd highlight this as a specific goal that we *need* to
reach at some point (and I apologize for the bad wording):

  contributions should at some point start consisting of
  (mostly/only) small patches developed right here within the
  project (on this mailing list), with each contributor participating
  actively, in public (on this mailing list, or, perhaps, through our
  issue tracker).

To contast -- there's quite a few open source projects out there which have
one or a few "maintainers", with most other parties not being "committers",
but rather those developers are supposed to be submitting patches or
contributions, and they get integrated only after approval. Even very frequent
contributors go the same route. I think this is roughly how the linux kernel
is maintained, for example, and they regularly accept "big" pieces of new
stuff that came from "somewhere" as a mater of course. That's fine, but its
Not "our way" :)

My understanding is that harmony now has sizeable pieces of code for most of
the major pieces (except for all the various "tools"), so the natural
expectancy AIUI is that the rate of "big contributions" is going to slow down
just because we won't need them as much anymore. I hope so, and I think its
happening already. Its a Good Thing.

Yep, it feels like I've succeeded at writing down something obvious and
redundant. Good.



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