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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Using Visual Studio C++ Express to compile classlib - fails.
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 06:50:35 GMT

On 5 July 2006 at 13:39, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Thorbj=F8rn_Ravn_Andersen?= <thunderaxiom@gmail.com>
> Oliver Deakin skrev  den 27-06-2006 12:25:
> > Do you mean the header files in deploy/include? If so, the reason
> > they are copied there is so that they are in a shared location for
> > all modules. (In fact it's the same reason that libs are built into
> > deploy/lib and makefile includes are copied into deploy/build/make).
> So it is basically a platform agnostic symbolic link? 

No.  It is intended that modules can build against the resulting deploy
tree without having to know about the structure/location of the other

> Personally I do not like doing it so, would it be possible to do it
> with -I's instead so we do not have redundant copies lying around?

You could use -I flags but then each module would need to know the
location of the header files of the other modules.  It would also
mean we'd need to separate the header that describe internal APIs and
external APIs within modules making the include paths within modules
more complicated.  Now it is quite clear what represents the external
API - only the headers in deploy.

> > As a consequence, they could also *only* checkout the module they
> > are interested in, rather than the whole of classlib/trunk, and
> > still be able to rebuild their altered code.
> I have heard this discussion, but I am not convinced that having lots
> of different building enviroments is a good idea.

But the key here is that since even when you check out everything you
are still building against deploy so in fact the build environment
from the perspective of a single module is actually identical _not_
different.  (Thaft is, no matter how a module is built it's always
building against what is in deploy and never peek directly in to other
modules.)  I think this is important to ensure that modules are always a
well-defined unit that can be replaced.

> I can however also appreciate tolerable build times :)

Agreed, but I don't think that is the main motivation.


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