R.J. Lorimer skrev  den 06-06-2006 02:07:
Azureus (while being a very non-trivial and cool Java application), is not written in AWT/Swing, it is written with SWT (the same as Eclipse). It's probably a good application to interact with for testing, but it's not an AWT/Swing test.
Oh, minor issue..

Then perhaps Netbeans?  Don't think there is any SWT-code in there :)

Sun has a Swing Sightings page - perhaps there is a suitable application a bit smaller than Netbeans in there?


Limewire, JGraph, MineSweep-O-Rama!,

It looks like the  
"Human Image Viewer" might be the visually most interesting, with human cross sections and all, but it might require some coding assistance as it is a bit unintuitive to use.