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From Erik Axel Nielsen <erika...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Re: [testing] Re: AWT, Java2D and SWING contribution
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 08:41:59 GMT
Hi Anton

> However if some third-party L&F provides "full" decoration, i.e.
> provide its own look for all components overriding every setting from
> BasicLookAndFeel then it can perfectly satisfy our needs:

How about this one: http://napkinlaf.sourceforge.net/  ?
I haven't looked at the code, but if they reuse a substantial part of  
basic LF I will be surprised. :)
Just for the record, this is partly meant as a joke, but who knows?  
Perhaps it is worth checking out.

> Looking at this idea deeply I would ever suggest not to use any
> third-party L&Fs (since they can override some behavior anyway), but
> just override all color L&F keys which is very simple.

I'm sorry, but my english is not that good. What exactly are you  
suggesting here? If I read it correctly, you mean we should never do  
checks with a third party LF? If that is correct, why?

-- Erik Axel

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