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From "theUser BL" <theuse...@hotmail.com>
Subject Releationship to GNU Classpath?
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 14:03:56 GMT

Can anybody at Harmony say, whats the releationship (or non-releationship) 
to GNU Classpath is?

At the beginning of Apache Harmony it sounds, that Harmony would use GNU 
Classpath for its class libraries.

But since Intel have spend Harmony its own Swing implementation, it is 
clear, that there would existing two OpenSource Java-implementations: GNU 
Classpath based VMs and Apache Harmony.

Thats the comment of someone from GNU Classpath, how its poit of view about 
Harmony and GNU Classpath is:

And here are two blog-entries:

The situation is the following:
GNU Classpath and Apache Harmony are both OpenSource projects to create an 
OpenSource Java.
So, both have the same goal.

Then there existing developer, who writes code for Harmony and others who 
writes code for GNU Classpath. Thats duplicated work. And if both groups 
would working on _one_ class-implementation together, they could be faster 
then, if both groups would reinvent the wheel itself.

Is the reason the different licenses?

Then Miguel de Icaze is right, if he wrote at
that the MIT/X11 license is the best, because its the least common 
denominator for all
(btw: the last Java-articel by Micual is at 

Or have GNU Classpath and Harmony different point of viewes how to implement 

Or could it be possible, that GNU Classpath developer could also publish its 
code under the ASL2 ?
Or that Harmony developer could also publish its code under the GNU 
So, that not all the work is duplicated done.

I also thought about Harmony and GNU Classpath on the GNU Classpath 
mailinglist at
and the only answer is

As I have said before: For me it looks, that two projects doing the same 
thing with the same goal, but without interaction to each other.


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