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From Erik Axel Nielsen <erika...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Re: [testing] AWT, Swing Java2D
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 10:33:29 GMT
> Well, some of them seem to contain images/sounds that might not be
> original works of the game authors.

I can guarantee you that some of the games contain images and sound  
that are not the original work of the authors. That of course will  
have to be worked out if anything is going to be included in Harmony.  
We have some experience with this. Please see below.

> But it's an interesting thought.  We should probably wait until we  
> have
> javax.sound?  Since most of the games fail because of these missing
> packages.  The others I tried failed with:
>  java.lang.RuntimeException: Method is not implemented
>         at java.awt.Window.createBufferStrategy(Window.java:266)

This method is used for getting access to double buffering.

> and:
>   Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/lang/System.nanoTime()J

nanotime() is 5.0. And very useful since System.currentTimeMillis()  
is hopelessly inaccurate on some systems. Solaris being the worst  

> However, a little further down the line perhaps we should have a
> competition with the best games becoming the official demos for  
> Harmony?

Each year we have a competition where the students vote on their  
favorites. Thats how I gave you some of the best games to try out.  
Last year the national broadcaster (NRK) had one of the categories.  
The winners from that category got their games on their official web- 
site. The broadcaster were of course very concerned about games using  
art/sound they didn't have the copyright to. So one of the criteria  
were that they didn't do that. I will not promise anything since I  
have not spoken to the professors yet. But I find it likely that a  
Harmony competition could be held.

I beg my pardon to everyone that finds this terrible off-topic. But  
here is the list of winners if anyone would like to use some time to  
"work with compatibility issues" at work:
Best game:  207 Galactic Space Defender of the Universe
Cutest game: 208 Fishy Business  (very popular with the girls)
Best technical award 108 Sim Landscape
Best networking game: 802 BlockStorm
Most addictive: 109 Touch Balls
Best graphics: 804 Clean or Die v1.0 EE
Best game made for mobile (J2ME): 806 TRASKE

-- Erik Axel

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