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From "Garrett Rooney" <roo...@electricjellyfish.net>
Subject Re: [drlvm] apr question (linux)
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 12:00:24 GMT
On 6/16/06, Nataly Naumova <natalya.s.naumova@gmail.com> wrote:

> here's the reason of not building *extra* things by their own build.
> Initially there was a concept not to use own build for every *extra*
> things, such as APR or  CLASSLIB in order to support different
> compilers and configurations. For APR it was not trivial to build it
> in different modes (debug/release, different compilers etc.), that was
> required for building DRLVM. For CLASSLIB it was done primary for the
> same reasons and it was really easy to specify a compiler and a mode
> to build.
> So we have written our own builds for such *extra* things (as a part
> of drlvm build). But in the APR case it was impossible to produce the
> same building as APR did on linux. So the compromise decision was done
> to invoke the APR configure, and then to build using drlvm build. Such
> decision may be considerred as a hack, but it really simplifies the
> building for different configurations (debug/release), different
> compilers, etc.
> But you can try to build APR using its own build (make-based), but
> please be sure that it will be able to build in debug/release
> configurations and it will be very good if it will be possible to
> build by different compilers (msvc/icl/gcc/icc), not only by default
> compilers.

Uhh, you can't just switch compilers without rerunning configure...
Or, well, you could, but it seems like a screamingly bad idea to me.
Who knows what subtle but important little thing could change.  That
said, you should just be able to set the CC env var to the new
compiler, rerun configure, and there you go.

Also, the APR make based build won't work for visual c++, it's just
not built for it.  Patches to make it work more than welcome, but it's
not there yet.  There are patches out there to make it work for Mingw
on windows, but nobody has finished applying them because they're a
bit invasive.

That said, I still think hardcoding a specific version of APR into
your built system like this is a horrible idea.  As it stands any time
you submit a bug report to APR the first response will likely be "ok,
now build it the right way and see if it happens then".


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