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From "Alex Blewitt" <alex.blew...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Pack200 -- can now obtain files stored in archive
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 07:35:15 GMT
By the way, one of the tests has a Pack200 archive with Java classes
in it, and one of the tests attempts to unpack that archive. With the
recent change in 415891, it's possible that this test will fail now.
But then, I'm not sure whether the tests are being run ? If not, it's
relatively easy to replace the HelloWorld.pack with a packed Jar file
that just contains resources (e.g. GIFs, text files) to resolve the


On 20/06/06, Alex Blewitt <alex.blewitt@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've jumped ahead a bit on the pack200 archive, and written the
> unpacking for file data stored in a pack200 archive. The current
> implementation will barf if the file size is > 2Gb, because I'm
> pulling all the data into a byte array at present (it's pretty memory
> hungry anyway).
> I've not got any output mechanisms coded yet, but performing a
> Segment.parse(in) on a pack200 will return you a Segment, and from
> there you can get the file_bits to reconstitute the data files. Should
> be relatively easy to export those into an appropriate output format
> at a later stage.
> If there's any classes in the pack file at the moment, it will fall
> over -- but that's because the format is organised as [constant pool,
> class/bytecode stuff, file data]. So if there'sno class/bytecode
> stuff, it just falls through to the file data afterwards. Obviously
> this isn't a particularly likely scenario (unless source files are
> stored in a Zip and then packed?) but at least it shows it's on the
> right track.
> The prior caveats still apply; it only works for un-Gzipped pack files
> (i.e. those created with --no-gzip) and there's no reconstitution of
> the goods at the other end. I'll probably spend some time on decoding
> the bytecode in the near future, but that will take some time.
> In other news, there was interest in getting the pack200 stuff under a
> dual licence so that it could be included in the Gnu Classpath libs
> too ... I'm open to that idea, as long as forking doesn't become an
> issue. I've also put some notes together in OPML as to the ordering of
> bands in a pack200 file in a separate harmony bug; not sure if it will
> make it into the SVN tree in a suitable location.
> I'd also like to suggest that we try to move the pack200 code out of
> the archive module into its own dedicated archive-pack200 module. If
> this code is to be reused in other environments (whether part of a
> classlib/J2SE implementation, or as a library/driver for other VMs)
> then it would be a good idea to separate out the implementation from
> the Java interfaces. After all, the standard Sun VM allows you to
> switch to a different pack200 provider using the
> java.util.jar.Pack200.Unpacker system property. It would probably not
> make sense for a provider to also have the remainder of the
> java.util.jar classes in there.
> Alex.

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