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From "Anton Avtamonov" <anton.avtamo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [testing] Re: AWT, Java2D and SWING contribution
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 13:02:02 GMT
On 6/1/06, Chris Gray <chris.gray@kiffer.be> wrote:
> I believe that Classpath uses the VisualTestEngine we developed at Acunia.
> Requires manual operation, but it has facilities for explanatory texts, pass/
> fail indications, etc.. It will even run applets if you ask it nicely. You
> can find it in the SVN repository at www.wonka-vm.org (which is down at the
> moment I write this, I'll ping Luminis to ask why).
> I don't think it's that difficult to hack X to write to normal RAM instead of
> a framebuffer, but the real problem is that there's no hard spec of which
> pixels should change to what colour when you create e.g. a button. You could
> instrument an X server in other ways though, for example to see that [J]Frame
> actually opens a new window and sets its title.

Well, IMHO it is not reuiqred to test every pixel. What is important
for visual testing of JButton say it to check that it change its color
being pressed, for instance. Or that focus is displayed. I believe we
could figure out not very complicated heuristics to identify different
states for each component.
I expect Swing testing is based on real applications and use some tool
to automate scenarious and automatically check the results (compoennt
states) basing on the choosen heuristics.

Anton Avtamonov,
Intel Middleware Products Division

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