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From g...@pobox.com
Subject [classlib] odd problems when running tests under linux...
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 23:58:42 GMT
I just got my ubuntu box setup, and when running the test suite, I see this :

    [junit] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
    [junit]     at com.ibm.oti.vm.VM.shutdown(VM.java:264)
    [junit]     at java.lang.Runtime.exitImpl(Native Method)
    [junit]     at java.lang.Runtime.exit(Runtime.java:215)
    [junit]     at java.lang.System.exit(System.java:525)
    [junit]     at

I'm very willing to entertain the idea that I have something misconfigured
or a wrong version of something - I've been throwing things onto the box
as fast as I can...

I'm under the latest ubuntu v6, have Sun's JDK5 on the machine, got the
latest v3 j9 VM installed... what else do I need to tell you?


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