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From Paulex Yang <paulex.y...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib]native codes layout question(was Re: [classlib][NIO|VMI]JNI 1.4 enhancement on ByteBuffer)
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 08:41:11 GMT
Oliver Deakin wrote:
> Paulex Yang wrote:
>> Seems no one objects this proposal:), so I'm going to implement the 
>> JNI1.4 enhancement in nio module, i.e, provide patch to Harmony-578, 
>> Because this implementation requires some native codes, so I probably 
>> need to reintroduce hynio.dll(.so), but I have some questions.(Excuse 
>> me about my ignorance on the native layout evolution).
>> At first, seems native codes will be separated into modules(I guess 
>> Oli is working on?), so should I assume my native codes will be 
>> directly put into nio modules, or still in native-src/win.IA32/nio 
>> directory? because I'm used to provide a shell to move/svn add new 
>> files in the patch, so it will be easier for me to know how others 
>> think about it.
> It depends on whether you want to wait for what I'm doing or not :)
> If you want to get the code out now, then you can temporarily put it 
> under native-src/win.IA32/nio and I will move it later as part of the 
> natives modularisation.
> However, if you don't mind waiting a day or so I should be able to 
> submit my first patch to move the prefs natives. This ought to be 
> enough of an example for you to put your native code directly into 
> modules/nio/src/main/native.
>> And second, the native codes probably need portlib, so the portlib's 
>> header file must be accessible, say, portsock.h, but now it has been 
>> moved into luni/src/main/native/blabla, should I include one in my 
>> patch so that nio module can have a copy? or the header file itself 
>> should be put some other well known directory(deploy/build/include I 
>> guess)?
> At build time, the "copy.native.includes" target in 
> luni/make/build.xml is called - it copies a selection of the header 
> files in luni/src/main/native/include that need to be shared between 
> modules into the deploy/include directory. This is done with an 
> explicit fileset in luni/make/build.xml - if you need to have 
> portsock.h added to the list of shared header files, then this is the 
> place to make that change. Just add its filename to the list, and next 
> time you build it will appear in the deploy/include directory. Your 
> nio code should include the headers from the deploy/include dir, and 
> *not* directly from the luni/src/main/native/include dir.
Oli, I tried to modify the luni/make/build.xml, and it successfully 
copied the portsock.h, but I found I still cannot build my native codes. 
So I looked inside the portsock.h, and found that all its content is 
just to include another file: "../port/hysock.h", my native codes in 
modules/nio/src/main/native cannot find "../port/hysock.h" so it fails. 
I guess the reason why the luni natives still can build is all LUNI's 
native codes are still located in native-src/luni, so they can found the 
hysock.h in native-src/port.

Seems portsock.h is useless and confusable, so I suggest the steps below 
to fix this problem:
1. svn delete portsock.h in luni
2. svn move hysock.h from native-src to luni
3. update all reference to portsock.h to hysock.h
4. rebuild

If no one objects, I'll raise a separated JIRA and provide patch
> I hope this makes more sense now - if it doesn't, please let me know. 
> I am in the process of writing up some documentation for the website 
> on the natives layout and where headers should go (and also how 
> modules should build against the HDK) - once that is complete it 
> should all be a lot clearer.
> Regards,
> Oliver

Paulex Yang
China Software Development Lab

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