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From Richard Liang <richard.lian...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][luni-util]Scanner completion(was Re: [jira] Closed: (HARMONY-567) [classlib][luni]java.util.Scanner constructors not implemented)
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:10:46 GMT
Hello Paulex,

I will start to implement the constructor and some simple methods such 
as ioException(), locale(), etc. Then I'm going to implement the methods 
from j.u.Iterator. At last, I will touch the pattern matching methods. 
Really, as you said, the complexity is far beyond my anticipation. ;-)

Richard Liang wrote:
> Paulex Yang wrote:
>> Ah, thank you, Richard, I modified the topic a little to make it more 
>> clear.
>> You are right that I'm not working on Scanner, I created two patches 
>> related to Scanner just because some other modules needed a skeleton 
>> to compile. I'm a little distracted in NIO stuffs, further I owed 
>> some parts of j.u.Formatter(I'm frustrating on the facts that RI 
>> shows different behavior on java.text.DateFormat/NumberFormat and 
>> Formatter.format() for number/date, so it's more complex than I 
>> expected). So please feel free to complete the Scanner 
>> implementation, thank you. And please shout if you need help because 
>> it is a big stuff.
> Great. I'm sure I will need your a lots help. :-)        Thank you in 
> advance.
>> BTW, I have an issue related to Scanner here, I had a look at the 
>> Scanner's document before, and I found there is some possibilities to 
>> make its implementation easier: Scanner has a match() method, which 
>> returns a MatchResult for last scanning operation, further, the 
>> MatchResult contains the actual regular expressions Scanner used for 
>> various type(digit, decimal, etc) and can be got by 
>> Matcher.pattern().toString(), so I wonder if it is permitted in legal 
>> for us to use RI's regular express directly in Harmony's Scanner? If 
>> so, it is much easier to make Scanner compatible with RI. How do 
>> you(and others) think about it?
> IMHO, we can use the *regular expression* because they are returned by 
> public API. Any comments? Thanks a lot.
>> Richard Liang wrote:
>>> Hello Paulex,
>>> I'm implementing some SMALL methods for j.u.Scanner, and I find 
>>> there's a defect in its Constructor. It seems that you're focusing 
>>> on NIO development. Do you still working on j.u.Scanner? If no, I'd 
>>> like to provide patch for it. :-)
>>> Richard.
>>> [1] http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-611
>>> Mikhail Loenko (JIRA) wrote:
>>>>      [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-567?page=all ]
>>>>      Mikhail Loenko closed HARMONY-567:
>>>> ----------------------------------
>>>> verified by Paulex
>>>>> [classlib][luni]java.util.Scanner constructors not implemented
>>>>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>>          Key: HARMONY-567
>>>>>          URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-567
>>>>>      Project: Harmony
>>>>>         Type: Bug
>>>>>   Components: Classlib
>>>>>     Reporter: Paulex Yang
>>>>>     Assignee: Mikhail Loenko
>>>>>     Priority: Minor
>>>>>  Attachments: 01.harmony567.diff, 02.harmony567.sh, ScannerTest.java
>>>>> Because of its big size, I'll try to implement Scanner in several 
>>>>> steps, one JIRA/patch per step. Here goes the first one except the 
>>>>> skeleton, the implementation of constructors. I'll attach patch soon.

Richard Liang
China Software Development Lab, IBM 

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