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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [classlib] proposal - resolution to java.util.concurrent issue
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 16:28:30 GMT
I had a nice chat with Doug today to try to reach a conclusion regarding

Given that everyone else (Sun, IBM, BEA...) seems to use j.u.c, found here


I think that we'd be well-served to do so as well.  It's the RI, it's
complicated, it goes w/o saying that Doug is committed to this being
right, and I'd like to have the same bugs as everyone else for now :)

The summary of what I think we should do is simple - we take the code
from j.u.c from the above link (w/ 1 exception) into our SVN repo and
track any changes made by Doug and the jsr166 EG going forward.

All the code is under the following terms, which are acceptable to the ASF :

 * Written by Doug Lea with assistance from members of JCP JSR-166
 * Expert Group and released to the public domain, as explained at
 * http://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain

except for one file :


for which I understand we can get a clean replacement from the backport.

Now, there is an issue of our clean-room rules, and I think there's a
very neat solution that would allow us to use this code w/o getting an
ACQ from the authors of j.u.c (which Doug claims is himself, assisted by
the JSR166 EG)

The premise of our ACQ structure is that we want to ensure that people
who have worked on a non-open/non-free implementation of a
portion/module/component of Java not work on our implementation of that

Now, given that j.u.c in Java SE 5 is the first time this functionality
has existed, it must be the case that the contributors are not
contaminated by working on another implementation, since there are no
other implementations.  We can't be contaminated because there's nothing
with which to contaminate us with.

Of course, this needs VM support, so there is work to do, but this seems
like a sane and clean way to add this functionality to Harmony classlib,
as well as build a bridge to another part of the Java SE ecosystem.

Comments? Things that I missed?


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