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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [apps] azureus (was Re: [testing] AWT, Swing Java2D)
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 16:30:19 GMT
Mark Hindess wrote:
> On 5 June 2006 at 19:07, "R.J. Lorimer" <rjlorimer@coffee-bytes.com> wrote:
>> For the record (I didn't gather this anywhere from this discussion),
>> Azureus (while being a very non-trivial and cool Java application), is 
>> not written in AWT/Swing, it is written with SWT (the same as Eclipse). 
>> It's probably a good application to interact with for testing, but it's 
>> not an AWT/Swing test.
> So I theory, this might run now!
> I tried running it but get lots of error output like:
> DEBUG::Tue Jun 06 08:29:39 BST 2006::com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector::accept_loop::138:
>     VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector$1::runSupport::85,AEThread::run::69
> java.nio.channels.NotYetBoundException
>         at org.apache.harmony.nio.internal.ServerSocketChannelImpl.accept(ServerSocketChannelImpl.java:125)
>         at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector.accept_loop(VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector.java:129)
>         at com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector$1.runSupport(VirtualBlockingServerChannelSelector.java:85)
>         at org.gudy.azureus2.core3.util.AEThread.run(AEThread.java:69)
> Definitely seems like a good thing to get working - it certainly 
> exercises quite a bit of the networking code.

Definately so. Getting Azureus to work would stress-test pretty much
each piece of code we have but the AWT/Swing part. I did toast quite a
few routers with it and ended up flashing a linux-based firmware on mine
to get it to work without leaking memory.

Mark, please update the wiki with the list of applications that we have
tried so that we can rendez-vous around them for those who care about
those applications.

Which makes me wonder, what are the applications you care for? we should
have a page on the wiki for people to add pointers to the applications
they care for.

I'll start with another one: JFreeChart


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