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From Soeren Strassfeld <nc-stras...@netcologne.de>
Subject Re: [classlib] logging from within our implementation
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 16:21:29 GMT
Hi Alexei,

I think the result in both examples is quite the same, I just liked
the Idea to just add java comments to the code, so you donĀ“t
need a precompiler as long as you build the classlib with logging


Alexei Zakharov schrieb:
> Hi Soeren,
> 2006/6/1, Soeren Strassfeld <nc-straszso@netcologne.de>:
>> How about using Velocity as Preprocessor.
>> You could put all logging Statements between an
>> //#if ($debug)
>> and
>> //#end
>> So the Code would stay pure java, and the debug Version could be 
>> compiled
>> without a Preprocessor.
> Is this something better than just using java in the same way?
> static final boolean DEBUG = false;
> if (DEBUG) {
>    // wiped away by java compiler
>    log("my useful log message");
> }
> The problem of your approach as well as the above example is the
> additional syntax you need to add to each log call.
> However, I like the general idea of using Velocity as a Java preprocessor
> :)

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