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From Erik Axel Nielsen <erika...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Re: [testing] AWT, Swing Java2D
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 10:17:08 GMT
> By next spring?  I'm hoping to have this download by next *week* (ok,
> two weeks...)

This is great news! Now if only I could get it to work on my Mac.... :)

> We'll definitely have this for them.  I'm hoping by next spring, we'll
> be far enough along you can ask your students to just *do* their  
> project
> on Harmony :)

That would be great! However having felt the pain the students  
experience trying to work around bugs in RI, which is a mature  
project, I don't think I will force them to use a 2 year old project.  
However, if Harmony is mature enough I will be happy to suggest it as  
an alternative.

> BTW, what license are these programs under?  I'd like to have a few
> graphical demos in our JDK just like Sun does :) and it would be  
> cool to
> use some of these if those students are interested in contributing  
> them,
> are able to contributing them and even interested in participating  
> here...

<self_ad type="shameless">
The game my group made (3-4 years ago) is available here: [1] as web  
start or here [2] if you don't like web start.
I don't think it would be any problems getting the other group  
members to relicense it under an Apache License.

We don't force any license on the students, usually it isn't licensed  
in any way at all. It's just protected by copyright by default. Very  
similar to Dutch or German laws if anyone are familiar with those.  
And my guess is that almost all of them would be willing to relicense  
if that would get them into Harmony.
I don't know if the university holds any copyright, but they have  
been very easy to deal with in the past, being the cradle of  
companies like Trolltech (QT/KDE), Fast Search and some more locally  
known ones.

-- Erik Axel

[1] http://www.erikaxel.net/software/apo/
[2] http://www.erikaxel.net/software/apo/Apo.jar

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